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The Souvenir Box designed for the Digital Era

Create meaningful collection of memories: your latest trip, an important life event, a weekend with your friends or your 2016 best memories!

Kumbu allows you to save in a single place your most precious memories from any website, social networks and devices. Whether they’re in pictures and videos, Facebook posts, Instagram, emails and more, Kumbu gives your digital memories a home you can visit all year long. Try it now, it's free during Beta!

Recommended steps to test Kumbu Beta

1. Create an account using a computer and Chrome

2. Install the Kumbu Save Button for Chrome

3. Save memories from 
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Twitter
- Gmail
- your devices
- Flickr, 500px, Youtube…  

4. ...please give feedback!

Help us build an awesome service you'll love to use!

Feedback can help us achieve our mission… This is why we ask our first users to please take a few minutes to give us an honest feedback. Thanks!