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Give your photos and digital memories a home

Meet Kumbu, a private safe-place where to save, organize and share your favorite photos and memories from the web and social networks.

Create your digital souvenir box

Kumbu helps you preserve all the digital memories you love: your favorite photos, Facebook posts, emails and more!

Ziad Wakim, co-founder of Kumbu

How it works?

Kumbu is a private safe-place designed to help you save, organize, share and enjoy your favorite content and memories from the web, social network and devices.

Create your digital souvenir box

A private and secure personal cloud to keep in one place all your favorite memories. Always at reach!

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Collect your favorite memories

From the web, social networks and devices, using the Kumbu Save Button and the Kumbu Apps. Saving your stuff is finally made easy.

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Enjoy your memories privately

Share privately, easily collect photos from your friends and create online photo albums with your friends. Happy memories are even better when shared!

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Do you know what Kumbu means?
Tell me!
Fun fact: Kumbu in Swahili means memories!
Swahili is an ancient language from the Great Rift Valley that’s considered to be the “cradle of mankind”.

Happy memories make happy people!

Relive and share memories from every life event: holidays, travel, family reunion, parties, wedding!


Our commitments

Keeping your data safe and respecting your privacy is in our DNA.

Save directly from your browser

Whenever you see a memory you want to keep for later, save it with Kumbu and make sure to find it back in the future.

Separate the good from the bad

There’s no point in saving everything we do online. Just save what you care about so it doesn’t get lost under piles of meaningless data.

Safe-keep your memories

Kumbu saves the URL of your memories but more importantly, the content itself and the look & feel. If the source disappears, an archive remains in Kumbu.

Organise memories of a lifetime

Like us, take a slow web approach and organise your memories for yourself or for someone else. Tidying up your digital life will make you feel good.

Save digital born content

Kumbu allows you to save all kinds of digital stuff, even things you wouldn’t know how to save, like a Facebook post or a Tweet!

Relive the story of your life

As we mostly create memories of happy occasions, reliving your greatest memories will make you happy!


Kumbu is private by design. We don’t have access to your content. We don’t collect nor sell your data. Never.


Decide what’s important and we’ll help you preserve it. The content you save with Kumbu is yours and only. Forever.


Keeping your data safe and secure is our most important mission at Kumbu.

Learn more about security and privacy at Kumbu

Get started now!

Take control of your digital memories today.
Enjoy your personal memories forever!

Create your digital souvenir box

What types of memories can I save in Kumbu?

From a computer:

Pictures, videos, but also, Facebook posts & pictures, Instagrams, Tweets, pictures from Google Photos, Flickr, 500px, Youtube Videos, WhatsApp messages, webpages, blog posts, and more using the Kumbu Save Button for Chrome. 

From your smartphone:

Pictures and videos from your camera roll, any webpage from your navigator, and content from all the application that allow exporting like SMS.

Can I automatically save everything in my social accounts?

No you cannot. Right now, Kumbu allows you to save selected content. You see a Facebook post you want to save, you hit the Kumbu button to save this one post. But you cannot save everything in your Facebook Profile or all your Tweets at once.

If you’d want this feature or any other, please drop us an email and let us know!

How does Kumbu save my memories?

Kumbu saves the URL but more importantly, the content itself and the original look & feel. Technically speaking, we create an archive of the content you have chosen to save. If the source disappears, it’s still in Kumbu!

Where are my memories stored?

Right now, your data is being stored on our servers that are hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and archived at OVH in Europe. We’re investigating the possibility of letting our users decide where their data is hosted so if this is something that you’d want, please contact us.
Learn more about Kumbu privacy policy.

How much does Kumbu cost?

Start using Kumbu for free with our starter plan up to 10Gb! More information in our pricing section.

Is Kumbu secure?

Keeping your data safe and secure is our most important mission at Kumbu. Here's what we do in order to ensure the best security and privacy.

We follow best practices around data and service security

  • We use SSL encryption in transport, which means communication between your browser and our servers is always encrypted
  • Passwords are encrypted, hashed and salted using bcrypt
  • We use checklists to secure server access, and regularly audit our security practices
  • We code defensively to protect against malware injection and unauthorized code access
  • We monitor server access against any unusual intrusion

We do not have access to your content

At Kumbu we have the strongest commitment towards respecting your privacy. This is why no one at Kumbu has access to the souvenirs that you choose to save with us. The only data we collect from our user is either macro information that helps us improve the service (such as the number of souvenirs, types of souvenirs…) or the data available in your profile page. 

We do not sell, nor share your data or contact information with 3rd parties

Never. We've expanded on these topics in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions . We welcome your feedback on these - we want to keep them as clear and jargon free as possible, while earning your trust.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us!