About Kumbu

Kumbu is French based startup since 2015 whose mission is to help people preserve their digital memory, for themselves or for someone else. Kumbu uses creativity and innovation to offer a unique experience that enables people to relive their personal and collective memories through time, while maintaining their privacy. Kumbu is made by 6 people - 3 girls and 3 guys - working remotely across France.  

Kumbu's ambition is to change the way individuals deal with their digital memories by helping them save for later any type of digital content, from the web, social networks, apps and devices. With one promise: to easily save whatever's important. 

Kumbu is designed for individuals who wants to preserve their digital life and important events that are shared and told online: family, parents, couples, travelers, friends gang, sport fans but also curating professionals, academics, scholars and researchers for content curation.